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SPACE produces HAI relationship workshops in Australia

SPACE produces 9 levels of Human Awareness Institute Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops.

We also produce Creating Daring Connections, a Couples workshop, and occasionally other workshops.

Those other workshops are run by individual facilitators - like Men's workshops run by Peter Sandhill, Women's Workshops by Sarah Sandhill, Meditation Workshops by Peter Rengel or Inner Child Workshops by Anne Watts.

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SPACE is a non profit association incorporated to produce Human Awareness Institute (HAI) and other complementary workshops.

Our Vision is to raise consciousness in a world of which current and future generations can be proud.

Our Mission is to create more conscious relationships in a safe environment that supports awareness, creativity and expansion.

Our Core Business is to sustainably administer, market and produce quality HAI and other complementary workshops.

Our Core Values are:

Authentic and Open Communication

SPACE Membership

As a SPACE member:

  • You have a voice in the affairs of the association!
  • Your vote can determine the make-up of the committee!
  • You can assist at community events!
  • Promote yourself on our web site and/or in our newsletter!
  • Receive special discounts at selected events!
We invite you to assist us to sustain our work. We invite you to assist us in the ongoing success of our work. Join the inner circle of our community!


SPACE is managed by a voluntary committee of HAI Graduates who give their time, energy and expertise to run the association.

The current committee is Iain Sprod, Abe Moses, Allen Stewart, Rosie Stewart, and Andrew Runiewicz
Iain Sprod
Iain Sprod
Abe Moses
Allen Stewart
Allen Stewart
Rosie Stewart
Rosie Stewart
Andrew Runiewicz
Andrew Runiewicz

SPACE produces HAI relationship workshops in Australia