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Web Manager - Job Description

Our website is built with the Content Management System Drupal. Studio Also (owned by John Saward, a HAI Grad from Melbourne) which is specialised in building Drupal Websites has built it for us and is maintaining it.  (John Saward is our web master).


Tasks of the Web Manager:

  • Enter / supervise entry of Events (listed under “Upcoming Events”)
  • Enter / supervise entry of Products for Paypal payments (as listed on the “Payments” page)
  • Enter / supervise entry of Testimonials
  • Strategic planning for the website: recommend to the committee further improvements for the website, and a budget for website maintenance and development, with input from Studio Also about this. You’d pass back to Studio Also the decisions of the committee after you’ve give them your advice.
  • Check invoices from Studio Also and confirm to Treasurer that invoice is accurate and payment can proceed
  • Prepare a report for each committee-meeting about website progress and issues (ask for input from Studio Also for that), as well as some stats for the web site – how many visits, to what pages, top referrers, etc.
Committee Position: