Treasurer - Job Description | SPACE - Producers of HAI and other Complementary Workshops

Treasurer - Job Description

The Treasurer is the official point of contact for all financial matters and one of the authorised signatories on all financial documents.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the accounts system.
  • Preparing and presenting financial reports for general meetings
  • Preparing and presenting financial annual reports for AGM.
  • Preparing and submitting a Business Activity Statement each quarter to the ATO and makes payment when required.
  • Preparing financial reports for submission to Dept of Fair Trading.
  • Arranging a financial audit as required.
  • Banking money and cheques received.
  • Processing credit card payments received.
  • Transferring money from Paypal account.
  • Maintaining and transferring money between bank accounts as required.
  • Payment of invoices as required by due dates.
  • Payment of fees owing to HAI Global as required.
  • Issuing participant receipts as required.
  • Monitoring financial currency rates and recommending to committee when best opportunity to make international transfers.
  • Preparing workshop budgets and submitting profit/loss statements after each workshop series.
  • Making recommendations to committee on areas relating to financial and process benefits.
  • Issuing workshop refunds and expense reimbursements.
  • Notifying the secretary of SPACE membership payment received.
  • Notifying event Producers of participant/team payment received.
  • Notify Database Manager of any funds being help for a participant for future workshop.
Committee Position: