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Testimonials from workshop participants

Trusting the Moment

I approached and experienced the HAI workshop from a consciously chosen perspective akin to being in the front seat of a potential roller coaster ride not holding on (trusting the moment) and was able to experience giving and receiving far more than my money's worth of sharing, giving and receiving clean good fun, laughter, courage, adaptability, adventure, love, acceptance, friendship, sensuality, intimacy, insights about myself and my sexuality and that of about others. I learnt very important lessons about daring to touch from healing intent, trespass, spontaneity and the need to verbally ask and obtain permission about touching others in particular time space settings even though such touching would be ok with me in such contexts.. assuming it was with good intent.... assumed until proven otherwise. Perhaps my biggest lesson was being and staying in gratitude and honouring the choices others made even tho they appeared to limit the potential benefits of various shared exercises.
HAI has changed my life...

Chris Wilson
HAI has changed my life far beyond anything I could have imagined. As a result of these workshops I have come out of my shell and gone from a profound shyness to genuinely enjoying meeting people, and more importantly, I now enjoy meeting myself each day. Level 1 really was a miraculous experience , and after doing Level 3 I have learned to bring that miraculous loving energy out of the workshop and into the whole of my life. I have made many deep and amazing friendships with people I have met at the workshops.
I learned to love myself for who I am

Recently I attended the Level one HAI workshop on the Central Coast of NSW. It certainly proved to be a life changing, mind expanding, paradigm shifting event. I learned so much about giving and receiving love, true intimacy; and  most of all, I learned to love myself for who I am, complete, whole and totally lovable. I can't wait for Level 2.
HAI has a perfect mix of...

HAI has a perfect mix of Love, Intimacy and Sexuality and I would recommend the course to all human beings for it's clear and loving re-balancing of sexuality, intimacy and love in our very unbalanced and misinformed society.  I feel we have all come away from the course in a beautiful much clearer state.  I look forward to attending the level 2 course.

The timing of “Living at Choice”...

The timing of “Living at Choice” came at a perfect time - catapulting me out of the dark place I had been experiencing for weeks. I emerged feeling more connected, compassionate, in love with life and humankind.  I felt like bolting on the Friday night and I am glad I didn’t, because my breakthrough came the next morning, and continued throughout the weekend.  I was appreciative and grateful for those who shared their personal experiences with the group, that also opened the door for my own healing.  The Room of Love was/is a magical place for immense healing and growth, and I left on Sunday night, overflowing with Love and Joy that has continued to radiate from me into my World.  (Lucky World!)

To the Undecided

Choice? What is choice? As a man, I didn't even know what choice really meant when I first went to a HAI Workshop. HAI's Level 3 Workshop taught me about choice and my divine right as a human being to freely choose in my life.  Level 3 also showed me how my fear affected my ability to choose, and why I couldn't, or indeed, wouldn't choose.  Was it scary?  Emphatically yes!  Was it worth it?  The answer to that question depends on your definition of freedom,  and many of us don't even know, that we are not "truly free",  but are indeed prisoner's of our own "conditioned mind".  It was only when I decided to truly understand myself,  that I began to understand the locks of  the "self-imposed Prison cell" that existed within my mind. I realised that "freedom to Choice" is more than just the "dictionary meaning" of these words;  "Freedom of choice" is a reality that few people ever try to understand, or indeed, ever do understand.  In my "life-experience", the environment that HAI Workshops created is without doubt,  a superb environment that has absolutely supported me in understanding what "Freedom of Choice" really is.

When I look back into the past, at all of the "discovered revelations" that I have experienced within HAI Workshops, the greatest gifts of all, have been Compassion, Love and Freedom.

As a man I spend a lot of time...

BB, Sydney
As a man I spend a lot of time feeling grounded and strong and ignoring emotions. The HAI workshop brought me way out of the comfort zone that I know and introduced me to dizzying heights my heart couldn't remember feeling since I was a child. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! I haven't felt so nurtured and alive in a long long time. I came face to face with what has kept me away from love.

Every person deserves to have this experience.
A Powerful Experience

I was surprised at how less overwhelming my emotions were on the Level 1 course than I expected, and yet it was still a powerful experience.  Things seemed to happen at a more subtle level that is triggering significant changes.  Wonderful people have been attracted in to my life to help in my journey and I am also inspired to travel to the USA to do Levels 2 and 3 in November.  It was wonderful to have my experience, as well as share the experience of others and witness the changes that occurred over such a short period of time.  The feeling of love and closeness is one I hope every human being gets to experience more of.
HAI Workshops have Transformed My Life

I have now attended Level 1, 2 and 3 of HAI workshops and I can safely say that they have transformed my life in the most wondrous ways. So much so that I am off to the US to do Levels 4 and 5 and my excitement knows no bounds. For anyone reading this, do yourself the most immense favour and jump on this train because it's Heaven bound XO