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Testimonials from workshop participants

Powerful and Transformational


It took me 10 years to finally take part in a HAI Miracle of Love workshop...and it was so worth the wait. I don't think I have ever experienced such a powerful, transformational and moving weekend. It was only just over 2 days but felt like a blissful, emotional month. The gentle waves of love that wash over every participant will remind you what it means to be human, to be both utterly vulnerable and powerful, and to be unconditionally loved. Only days after the workshop, I have seen dramatic changes in the way I communicate with partner and friends and my relationship with gorgeous children, and I have broken through blocks in my creative ambitions that have stood for over a year. I look forward to the positive changes that continue to occur. I would recommend HAI workshops to anyone and certainly plan to take part in further levels myself.

Powerful Experience


A very powerful experience; maybe the most powerful one I've ever had in a group setting. If one really wants to learn & grow about oneself & others with regard to love, then this is the workshop for you. Helpful attitude: courage!

I am amazed at the love I can now feel...

I am amazed at the love I can now feel and express - this world is a beautiful place. HAI has introduced me to love so now I have an idea what love is, to not feel so afraid to express love, to be able to except love, I am a supporter of HAI. The most amazing wonderfullest weekend I ever had, nothing in my entire 41 years on the planet has had that kind of effect on me. I’m still in awe, I’m still in wonder, I’m still in love. I would like to donate to the scholarship fund, Level 2 here I come!

For the first time in my life...

Thank you one and all for your unconditional love, nurturing, acceptance and support over the weekend.  It not only provided me with the sense of safety to enable me to express myself and my truth, within The Love Room but throughout the whole environment.
On Wednesday morning when I glanced at myself in the bathroom mirror, I had to take another real look at myself as I didn't initially recognize myself.  For the first time in my life I saw a very beautiful radiantly happy smiling face looking back at me and I truly loved who I saw.
I know I have never smiled laughed been hugged or loved as much in all the 56 and a half years of my life as I had been with you all weekend and I can see for myself the incredible gift you all gave me.  My gratitude to you is all-embracing and ever-lasting.  I will never be able to thank you all enough.  I not only feel and look like a new woman, I now know that I am a new woman - I'm the beautiful little girl who I've been hiding away to keep safe for all those years, grown up and taking risks that I should have been always taking.
Thank you for helping me release myself from that deep dark gaol within.

The Easiest Way to Achieve Nirvana...

What a fantastic & fun weekend to find out how it is to look at the world through the eyes of love. To share the space with so many courageous & beautiful souls who are also on a similar journey of discovery is very profound & intense but ultimately an exciting & uplifting experience. I believe that the easiest way to achieve nirvana is to attend a "Miracle of Love" workshop & be prepared for a blissful, entertaining weekend.

Love and Support

The love and support received by completing a workshop and being involved with HAI is second to nothing I have ever received in my life.

I've looked in to your eyes, heart and soul

Wow!  Thank you for taking the leap and honouring your courage to share last weekend with me.  I had different levels of interaction as the weekend progressed but through the grace of hand on heart I know I've looked in to your eyes, heart and soul.  Thank you for putting yourself out there for me to meet you with my heart.  I came away with a feeling of love for myself emanating from the inside of my being and brilliantly reflected by so many beautiful clear mirrors.  You helped me to see myself in this way, thank you.  

Courage, Warmth and Openness

The courage, warmth and openness of everyone in the room were as much of a learning experience for me as the awesome input given by the facilitators, Chip and Felicia. I returned home with a greater, deeper awareness that "we are one", and a heart filled with gratitude, eager to share the experience with those who have yet to hear of it.
You'll never know if you don't go

Kunti Ranade
Registering for The Miracle of Love workshop was one of the most challenging experiences for me. Friday and some of Saturday were spent being apprehensive, but by Sunday afternoon I wanted more.  Level 2 here I come.
Shrek knew what he was singing:
Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Back to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
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So much to do so much to see
So what's wrong with taking the back streets
You'll never know if you don't go
You'll never shine if you don't glow
Hey now you're an All Star get your game on, go play
Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on, get paid
(And all that glitters is gold)
Only shooting stars break the mold