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A Seismic Shift

Michael Brennan

I embarked on a new life journey 3 years ago when I started the difficult path of leaving a toxic marriage of 24 years. A counsellor I was working with suggested HAI and after some procrastination, fear and apprehension I attended Level 1. It was earlier this year (1.5 years had passed) before I got back to HAI and this year I have been a HAI junkie.

The HAI community has had and continues to have an amazing part in my life journey. They have given me the safety, honesty, friendship and support I needed to reach into me and to take on my demons, for me to learn to love me and  significantly that I have choice in life. I am living life with new eyes and an open heart. A seismic shift for me.

The facilitators Peter, Sarah, Jason and Felicia are such beautiful people and I especially acknowledge them in my journey.