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Testimonials from workshop participants

Beautiful beyond words

A Participant

I attended both Free Mini Workshops at Crows Nest recently - beautiful beyond words - lovely to see and feel the joy of newbies and graduates sharing love in the room of love .

I keep coming back, nearly 20 years later

Ed Love

When I first came across HAI, I knew immediately that this was my tribe. People were open to connecting easily and honestly with me, without trying to control me, or selilng me new beliefs.

Since then, via HAI I've met hundreds of folks seeking to open up more to love. It's added enormous depth to my life, and I am forever grateful for the lasting friendships I've found through this work.

Not to mention my own deepening experience of love, with both friends, lovers, and myself. I keep coming back, nearly 20 years later.

If this sounds interesting, try a free mini workshop, and see if it resonates with you also.

Breaking barriers

Philip Maxwell

Truly transformative! HAI is uniquely designed to be safe and honouring, while breaking the barriers that hold us back. My first weekend was only the beginning of an amazing journey.

Level 1


I had a fantastic Level 1 workshop, the Facilitators were amazing, honest, kind, very professional and they knew their subject very well. I felt lighter, the people in the course were also a great source of inspiration. I felt that I could shift more things within myself, even though I have done already a lot of personal growth work, this course has still been very beneficial for me.  

Loved it, couldn't praise all the people involved in it more, absolutely great job. I hoped it would be great, but it was so much better, exceeded my expectations by far. Thank you to all the people who were responsible for organizing and facilitating this course, you are amazing.

A Seismic Shift

Michael Brennan

I embarked on a new life journey 3 years ago when I started the difficult path of leaving a toxic marriage of 24 years. A counsellor I was working with suggested HAI and after some procrastination, fear and apprehension I attended Level 1. It was earlier this year (1.5 years had passed) before I got back to HAI and this year I have been a HAI junkie.

The HAI community has had and continues to have an amazing part in my life journey. They have given me the safety, honesty, friendship and support I needed to reach into me and to take on my demons, for me to learn to love me and  significantly that I have choice in life. I am living life with new eyes and an open heart. A seismic shift for me.

The facilitators Peter, Sarah, Jason and Felicia are such beautiful people and I especially acknowledge them in my journey.

Pathways to Intimacy Workshop

S. G.

The Pathways to Intimacy day workshop has proved a major accelerant to my progress and I feel distinct aspects of previous issues in me that have softened, eased or healed substantially.

This workshop proves that its possible to do human healing, together & lovingly.

I found the group so dedicated to their own progress and that created such a strong group energy, and it's this that I look for, to assist myself, more than doing my own healings by myself.

The hugs and touch were so lovely,…such a soft place to fall,…and soul food.

Denise Cook was masterful in her leading us, encouraging us to breathe through everything, which again felt so easily helpful to me.

Re-defined me closer, in my intimacy with my primary relationship, with me

Everything will resonate better, out from this…delightful.

Thank you. Thank you ALL…  

Delightful Shift

Rachael Brennan

What a delightful shift!  From a place of upset, something's missing, what's wrong with me, how can I fix it, or meet someone who will fix it for me, to peacefully, joyfully embracing the dance of discovery, intimacy, love and connection as it arises.

For many years now


For many years now I have had to be so strong. I have protected my heart with an armour breastplate. When I came to Level 1 I had no expectations and a little trepidation, but I discovered a place where I felt safe and loved and accepted as I was. I could share my fears and vulnerabilities without fear of ridicule. I laughed and shared and cried with my fellow angels and when I left on Sunday I felt safe enough to no longer need my armoured heart protector. Thank you to my wonderful buddy, my beautiful small group and to all the fabulous facilitators, team members and of course all my fellow angels.

Having Joined the Human Race

Christina Beaumont

I am a woman of 75. I have lived a life of isolation since being molested as a small child, with hardly any friends & unable to look anyone in the eye.

I have just done three HAI workshops, starting with Pathways to Intimacy, followed by Level one & two. I feel that I have now joined the human race.

My life is entirely different. I can look people in the eye & can happily be meeting people & living normally. I feel full of gratitude & cannot praise the HAI workshops more highly.