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Tributes on the passing of Stan Dale

On Friday evening 8th June 2007, Stan Dale, the founder of HAI, passed away. His health had been compromised by cancer for some time, and his family was lovingly present with him at his time of death.
Read: Stan Dale, founder of HAI, has passed away.

The Transformation of a Great Mentor

What to write when words seem so inadequate to express the feelings I am sitting with right now? Funny, but the word pride keeps on surfacing. If I follow that thread I guess that is what Stan and HAI helped me to find within myself.

My memory of Stan is from a lovel 2 SLI workshop when my anger surfaced and boiled over. I felt so ashamed and frightened. Stan mentored me through that and...


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It was my good fortune...

It was my good fortune to meet Stan Dale in the early '90's. He held a mirror up to my Angel-ness when I couldn't see it for myself.
If just one person does that well enough and long enough, well, then you just have to start reflecting goodness back!
Stan touched my life, and the workshops he founded have helped me pay it forward. In that way, he lives on....
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Eve Grzybowski
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My experience of Stan (and HAI)...

Edited excerpts from a letter received by Stan in February ’06.

My experience of Stan (and HAI) was a most extraordinary chapter of my life.

The last time I heard his voice was on a telephone answering machine. That was in September 2003. I can recall his words: “I’m just so sorry”. At the time, I was in so much pain, anger and confusion I chose not to respond to him. I know he was reaching out and really just sorry about Shirley and me separating.

... (continues)

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Steve Bowman
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Stan was very responsible...

Stan was very responsible for me changing my life when I attended my very first HAI workshop that he led in 1991--------I had never experienced being accepted and loved so totally unconditionally ever before in my life. This is the gift I will hold closest to my heart when I remember " Stan the Man"------over the years, Stan and I had many clearings about the judgements that kept us separate----Stan's humanness and vulnerability taught me about mine. I will forever treasure knowing him behind the role of the facilitator at the front of the room-------Thank you dear man and travel well on the next part of your journey.
To Janet and Stan family my heart is with you all.

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Denise Cook
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Thank you Stan ...

Thank you Stan and the HAI community for your love and support that you showered this world with.

I find I’m at a loss for words right now, but I know that my life changed the day I attended my first HAI workshop (1992) and then again the day I met you Stan. And today your message Stan continues to influence my thoughts, feelings and actions to live a life of love.

May peace follow you and those touched by you.

To Janet, the Facilitators and the HAI Community I send my love.

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Sue Carroll, Queensland
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How fortunate I am...

How fortunate I am to have been in your presence Stan.
To receive your teachings on love and respect.
How my awareness and love is expanded because of your wisdom.
I carry your spirit affectionally through my life Stan,
and so you continue to touch many who have never even heard of you. Farewell Great Spirit. With Love and Respect
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17 years ago!

17 years ago! I attended the first HAI workshop in Australia, and met Stan. He changed my life, and I am everlastingly grateful.
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."

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Peter McCloy
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I had the honour...

I had the honour of doing 3 LIS workshops in California and got to spend a lot of time with the team over there. I worked with them, skied with them and, oh my goodness, partied with them. And can those Californians party! It was one of the most memorable times of my life. Stan didn't just have the workshops which are of course extraordinary but he lived, worked and played with the most amazing, loving, outstanding people. What an incredible man. Knowing what I know now and how hard it can be to create communities of like-minded people I take my hat off to him. What a great man and a great life.

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Brenda Rogers
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My memories of Stan...

My memories of Stan may well be similar to hundreds of others who attended HAI workshops – that of a man full of love and compassion. I am saddened by his passing but joyous at the difference he made in my life. I learned that I am okay and the closer I get to the angel within – the better will be my relationship with myself, with others and with the world. Stan at one workshop told the story of how he was knocked to the ground by one person, but he got to his feet and continued to love the person who had knocked him down. Love won in the end. I too have been knocked down by people and events but with Stan’s inspiration, I will always aim to stand up and love again. And on Stan’s passing, I can only reflect that the love that Stan brought to the world has changed people (like me) for the better and the world is a better place for his presence. Tears of sadness and of thanks to Stan well in my eyes.


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Glenn Conroy, Canberra
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