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To Stan Dale, With Love

This morning I arrived at work to see the note I wrote myself last week... a green post-it-note on my desk with Stan's name and address. I was a week too late to send the letter and card I had intended. No loss though, Stan knew I loved him, and he can now hear me from wherever I am.
Stan, I will always feel love for you.
Looking into Stan's eyes was like looking into the universe, a vast, clear pool of love, strength, kindness. He embodied all the good things about human beings. I feel like the huge spirit of Stan has been released into the world, and he can still reach me with his never-ending supply of unconditional love. That thought is comforting so I will keep it.
If you were here in front of me Stan, I would gratefully kneel and kiss your feet.
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Racquel Andersen