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Secretary - Job Description

The Seretary is responsible for minute taking of all meetings & SPACE membership.

The Secretary position includes the following:

Attending regular SPACE meetings;

  • Minute taking at SPACE meetings.
  • Draft Minutes to be sent to committee members within 5 days of the meeting.
  • All amendments to be sent to Secretary within 72 hours from receiving the draft minutes.
  • Documenting any amendments made by committee to the minutes.
  • Final report to be sent to all SPACE members within 2 weeks of the meeting (most sent by email & all BLIND cc).
  • Send an email to committee members 5 days before the next meeting asking for Reports, Action Items or Agenda Items.
  • Recording any agenda items raised by committee members & sending out agenda to all committee members 3 days before a meeting. (All agenda items should be sent to secretary before then).


Yearly Annual General Meetings;

  • Prepare AGM agenda.
  • Send an invite to all SPACE members & attach the agenda & proxy vote form.
  • Write the AGM Secretary’s report including current number of SPACE members, number of members last AGM, how many lost & how many gained. Include a list of all SPACE meetings held throughout the year.
  • Get all reports from past committee members & include in draft AGM minutes.
  • Bring copies of past committee member reports & hand out at the AGM to any SPACE member present to read.
  • Take mintues at the AGM.
  • Prepare a nomination form for all positions & print & bring to AGM to record;
    • Nominated person
    • Nominated by
    • 2nd By
  • Send to all SPACE members within 5days.

SPACE membership;

  • Keep a record of all SPACE members
  • Notify members one month prior to when membership renewal is due
  • Update record of membership when a payment is recieved.
  • Send a “Thank You” to member when renewal payment is received & verified by Treasurer.
  • Remove any members not wanting remain a member after membership expires & thank them for their past support.
  • Invite HAI grads to become a SPACE member via email or at re-unions or socials.
Committee Position: