Applying for a HAI Workshop Scholarship | SPACE - Producers of HAI and other Complementary Workshops

Applying for a HAI Workshop Scholarship

  • Register for the workshop and pay a $100 deposit (refundable) to SPACE (the producers).
  • Apply for the Scholarship.
  • The Scholarship Team will review the application directly after Early Bird closes (that is 3 weeks before the workshop date).
  • A member of the Scholarship Team may wish to communicate with the applicant (by phone or email) to ask questions and to clarify some of the applicant’s written application.
  • The scholarship application will be considered, based on the application and the communication. The guidelines for approving scholarships are outlined in the Scholarship Info document.
  • The scholarship team will then call all applicants and advise them of how much assistance (for the workshop fee and for travel assistance, if applicable) the team can offer. All circumstances are considered in the response.
  • If the applicant accepts the assistance, then the balance of the workshop cost (reduced by the amount of the scholarship) is due immediately (payable to SPACE).
  • If the deposit was paid within the Early Bird timeframe, then the Early Bird price will apply even if Early Bird has finished by the time the scholarship is approved. If the deposit was paid after Early Bird, the full workshop price applies.
  • The scholarship fund will pay the difference to SPACE.
  • If the applicant cannot attend the workshop after having applied for a scholarship, their $100 deposit will be fully refunded.

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