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I just heard of Stan's passing...

I just heard of Stan's passing, and had to take a moment to express my love & gratitude for a man whose love and devotion changed my life, and was a catalyst for all that I am doing today. In my HAI Workshops with Stan, I began to find acceptance for myself as a naturally sexual being, as well as so much love to be shared with others. I met and opened myself up to a woman who would later become my partner and the mother of the most incredible young woman I have ever met. Stan facilitated our wedding reception and brought unconditional love and happiness to an event that was uncomfortable for many who were not sure what had happened to me and the fact that I was marrying a woman. Thank you Stan for helping me to be open to and to trust my heart and all that lives inside of me, which prepared me for the depth of transformation and connection with God that I am finding now. I love you and wish peace, comfort and love to your beloved Janet.
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Deborah Byers