Margaret Lilburne

Margaret Lilburne

I attended my first HAI workshop in the 1990’s and it was an absolutely life-changing experience for me.  Due to family of origin issues I had very little self esteem and so it was extremely liberating to wake up the Monday after my first workshop and think “I am an angel”. Since then I have enjoyed numerous workshops and, even from the beginning, became part of a community that has become like a surrogate family as I was so desperate to have a sense of belonging.


I am a self-confessed workshop junkie and have explored many other workshops besides HAI including Landmark. I believe in encouraging people to be the very best they can be and have an avid interest in the Law of Attraction and creating the life I want. This also encompasses anti-ageing modalities and rejuvenation science and what keeps us young.


I have an active Twitter account and a Facebook presence and am very much aware of the enormous potential for Facebook to be utilised as a marketing tool and the possibility of linking this to my existing networks.  I can see the largely untapped resource that could get the work of HAI out to those who would benefit the most from it, and this type of marketing has always been a passion of mine.