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SPACE is a not-for profit association. All revenue generated returns to support and produce more workshops. A voluntary committee of five people freely gives their time, energy and expertise to promote and produce HAI and other complementary workshops.


We, the committee, are dedicated and passionate to this work.

If you have experienced any workshops that we have promoted and produced, you have experienced the essence of SPACE.

It is important to thousands of would-be participants that our work continues!

Are you too inspired and moved by the value of this work? Would you like to support what we do in a simple way? For around a dollar a week YOU can become a member!



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Running an association such as SPACE can be an expensive business. There are ongoing administrative expenses that require financial resources.


We invite you to assist us to sustain our work. We invite you to assist us in the ongoing success of our work.

As a SPACE member

  • You have a voice in the affairs of the association!
  • Your vote can determine the make-up of the committee!
  • You can assist at community events!
  • Promote yourself on our web site and/or in our newsletter (soon)!
  • Receive special discounts at selected events!

Join the inner circle of our community!


JOIN NOW: Pay onlineorDownload Membership Application