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I read Stan's article...

I read Stan's article in the HHS Quarterly back in spring of 1994, and immediately signed up for Level I. Chip and Ann...ahhh, I was certain this was the best Level I ever!! After being on the Enlightenment Path for well over a decade, this Was It!! I finally met Stan a few months later at Level III--yes, his eyes were filled with acceptance and knowledge, and caring--lovelovelove. I took the plunge, signed up for Level IV and changed my life: I moved to Harbin, where I was for 3 years, either workshopping or cooking for all you angels. Stan, Helen and Janet are 3 of the most love-filled people I've met, and that stays with me today. Arms around you... Hand on Heart! xoxoxoxox,

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Ms Madonia (Key West FL)