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I celebrate the life of Stan Dale...

I celebrate the life of Stan Dale and am deeply sad to hear of his death. My love goes out to all his family, the HAI community and those many, many more in the world (including many who may never have heard his name) whose lives were enormously enriched by the contribution he made to the planet. It must have been 1994 when I met Stan – I think it was at my first level 1 HAI workshop. He showed me I was absolutely special and perfect just as I was and at the same time opened up for me an ocean of possibilities for making my life work better, for loving myself and others more deeply and creating a world where every one wins. Not only did he profoundly change my life at a personal level but utterly transformed the way that I have been able to serve my clients professionally by letting me discover that starting with love, everything else just falls into place.

Stan will live on for ever for the incredible gifts that he has given us all.

With the deepest appreciation,

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George Burkitt