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HAI Facilitators

HAI Relationship Workshop Facilitators

Each workshop is led by two highly trained facilitators, one male, and one female. A team of volunteers supports the facilitators and the participants. There’s always someone available to help!

HAI Facilitators are extraordinary workshop leaders

HAI Facilitators are extraordinary workshop leaders, combining expertise in psychology, philosophy, spirituality and the human condition.

All of the facilitators are equally wonderful. They each bring their own unique gifts that ensure each workshop is a rewarding, rich experience in self discovery, self love and more.

At each weekend workshop there will be a team of one woman and one man facilitating, creating a safe and supportive environment for every participant, encouraging all participants to make the best choices for their own growth.

HAI Facilitators

Anne Watts

Anne Watts is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Educator, Mediator and Counselor, specializing in self-esteem, couples and family dynamics, sexual abuse and healing the inner child. In 1983, Anne participated in workshops offered by the The Human Awareness...

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Sarah Sandhill

Sarah Sandhill is a lover of all people. She is naturally compassionate, kind and caring and brings this to her workshop facilitation. She has been leading HAI workshops since 1995 and has created the safety for men and women to dive into growth in the areas of love, emotional...

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Marci Graham

Marci Graham is uniquely and simultaneously soft and fierce in her compassion for human beings. Her own history has given her a doorway into understanding the need for radical truth-telling and expressing one’s own boundaries and power. She has a 25 year history of soul...

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Donna Spitzer Rengel

Donna Spitzer Rengel brings clarity, compassion and insight to the workshops she facilitates. Donna’s background is in somatics and movement arts, as a holistic Lomi Body/Mind practitioner. Her expertise in communications assists individuals and couples to create healthy,...

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Dr. Stan Dale - In Memoriam
Stan Dale, DHS is the founder of the Human Awareness Institute creator of the ...
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Peter Rengel

Peter Rengel, M.A., is a “Heart Meditation” Teacher and a Spiritual Counselor who specializes in assisting individuals and couples to experience more love in their lives and to transcend psychology in order to live in harmony with Life’s spiritual rhythm.  Peter began...

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Felicia Williams Cosey
Felicia Williams Cosey Ph.D. has more than twenty years experience helping people develop strong, supportive, lovingly effective relationships. She guides individuals to find, build and live their unique lifework dream. She helps couples...
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Jason Weston has been practicing HAI principles in his own life for more than 30 years. He was trained at the Process Therapy Institute, holds a degree in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley and is an internationally acclaimed fine art...

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HAI Facilitators are extraordinary workshop leaders.