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Begin your Journey

Our relationship workshops

You are welcome at the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops

Everyone deserves lives filled with love and loving connections. It's really that simple. No matter how much love you already have in your life, or how little, our workshops will help you to have more. Too often, our life experiences cause us to be wary of intimacy, or not know how to connect.

At the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops, we create a safe environment that encourages stepping into the flow of intimacy. Give yourself richer friendships, warmer family dynamics, and extraordinary depth in all your relationships. Open to a world of joy and connection and allow yourself to naturally and comfortably express your heartfelt love and intimacy.

Entry Points

SPACE currently provides 3 types of events as entry points into the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops.

Preview Events

Preview Events

Come and experience a taste of what our unique workshops are about at a short experiential evening event.
Creating Daring Connections

Creating Daring Connections

A powerful one-day workshop on creating healthy relationships. Come on your own or with a partner.
Connecting in Love

Connecting in Love

Begin with our Level 1 – Connecting in Love Weekend Workshop.

Here you will experience love, trust and relationship in ways you may never before have thought possible.

Through a combination of information, voluntary participation in exercises, and sharing our experiences
– all in a room filled with love and support.

During your Level 1 – Connecting in Love workshop weekend you can expect to gently move through the layers of pretense, negative beliefs, fears and protective behaviors that have prevented you from receiving and giving love. Here you can uncover, and enhance your passion for living, natural appreciation and acceptance of yourself and others.

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You deserve it.


Testimonials from workshop participants

I came to HAI in 1998 at the suggestion of my therapist, Jaqueline, who I was working with after my marriage had failed...


I attended both Free Mini Workshops at Crows Nest recently - beautiful beyond words - lovely to see and feel the joy of...

A Participant

When I first came across HAI, I knew immediately that this was my tribe. People were open to connecting easily and...

Ed Love

Truly transformative! HAI is uniquely designed to be safe and honouring, while breaking the barriers that hold us...

Philip Maxwell

I had a fantastic Level 1 workshop, the Facilitators were amazing, honest, kind, very professional and they knew ...


I embarked on a new life journey 3 years ago when I started the difficult path of leaving a toxic marriage of 24 years. A...

Michael Brennan