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Human Awareness Institute Workshops

Human Awareness Institute Workshops

Life isn’t a puzzle to be solved, it’s an adventure, an education, and a celebration to be lived

HAI workshops offer tools and techniques that help individuals and couples (traditional and non traditional) grow and evolve. We believe that everyone wants and deserves to love and be loved and that our capability to love others is very related to our ability to love ourselves.
Our weekend workshops are presented in a progression of “levels,” taken in order, presented in a caring, supportive and safe environment to help you achieve your goals and discover the ingredients for your happy, healthy, love-filled life.

The 9 Levels of the HAI Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops:


Connecting in Love (was Love is a Miracle)

Even if you don't believe in miracles, come prepared to experience one. At "Connecting in Love" you'll experience love in a way you've never before thought possible. Note: There is no prerequisite workshop for "Connecting in Love". There is also no pressure to do other workshops. Each of the workshops below has a prerequisite of a specific lower level workshop.

More Information about the Connecting in Love Workshop


Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself picks up where Connecting in Love left off, this time directing our attention to loving ourselves, honouring our bodies, and appreciating our gender. Looking in the mirror will not be the same after Loving Yourself.


Loving Your Choices (was Living at Choice)

At Loving Your Choices you are invited to take a deep look at the underlying assumptions and patterns that may be the cause of your behaviors. Loving Your Choices teaches us to really live at choice every moment of every hour of every day of every year.


Exploring Spirituality and Sexuality (was Sexuality and Spirituality)

In Exploring Spirituality and Sexuality, we move from the idea of spirituality into the experience of spirituality in every aspect of our lives. Building on the lessons of Loving Your Choices, we experience breaking habits and patterns and liberating our sexual-spiritual self.


Exploring Surrender and Control (was The Dance Between Surrender and Control)

Exploring Surrender and Control takes the lessons of the previous levels to new heights as we find the magic in not only getting what we want but also wanting what we get.


Exploring Vibrant Community (was Creating Community)

Exploring Vibrant Community shifts the focus of the earlier levels from looking within to looking at our life and the world around us. We are not only the person who looks back at us in the mirror's reflection; we are also the one reflected in the eyes of our community.


Being the Source of Love (was Being Love)

Perhaps the art of truly living your life 'in love' comes from the ability to be love in any situation, no matter what. What if the source of love only came from within you? Come be love in the Room of Love.


Sacred Energy eXchange

Sacred Energy eXchange delves into the sacredness, beauty, power and wonder of "sacred energy exchange." As we get in touch with our sacred energy, we are likely to feel more alert, more charming, happier, and more self-assured without having to "do" anything.


Being Radically Intimate (was Radical Intimacy: Creating Vibrant Connections)

In this workshop we delve into intimacy, exploring tools and techniques to “go deep” and to keep the flame of loving intimacy burning bright. And, of course, Being Radically Intimate continues our theme of feeling ever more comfortable in our bodies, and shedding our shame about our sexuality.     

  ♥  Practice fearless transparency
  ♥  Heal your deepest shame
  ♥  Reveal your innermost, truest self
  ♥  Rediscover your beauty
  ♥  Celebrate sexual intimacy

Being Radicaly Intimate is a weekend intimacy meditation, a weekend of being intimate in every moment, a weekend of experiencing intimacy, not just talking about it.  Join us as we dance in and out of emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual intimacy.


HAI Couples Workshop

Many participants say the Couples Workshop is the best weekend they have spent in their entire lives. Couples receive direct experiences of how to move into absolutely cherishing each other. Many couples whose relationships were faltering or stalled (or just needed a boost) have come away more deeply in love than they had ever been.


Creating Daring Connections

For most of us, there comes a time in our lives when realise that in order to bring back the aliveness into our relationships, we need to challenge ourselves to be and do something different – what we always did no longer serves us.   “Creating Daring Relationships” supports this realisation by offering you tools and techniques to do just that. And a safe, respectful space in which to apply the new approaches. Join us and experience “Creating Daring Connections” on your own or with a partner.

This is a one-day workshop.