FAQ | SPACE - Producers of HAI and other Complementary Workshops


Where did the word SPACE originate?

SPACE was the agreed name for the association set up to produce HAI and other complementary workshops.


Why do we need SPACE?

SPACE takes the production of the workshops to a new level.

The formation of an association is a legal entity as well as the glue that binds a team of people with common intentions, values and purpose.


How will I know that SPACE is maintaining the confidentiality that HAI did?

SPACE is committed to staying in alignment and in integrity with agreements made with HAI, USA that relate to confidentiality.



Why does SPACE have to produce other complimentary workshops? 

SPACE has made a conscious decision to produce other workshops that are complementary to HAI workshops, to offer a more varied and continuous service to the Australian Community.


What does the name SPACE stand for?

Supporting Programs of Awareness, Creativity and Expansion.


When was SPACE created?

The association was created at a “Foundation Funshop” meeting on the 19th of Sept 2004. SPACE was legally incorporated as an association on the 19th of November 2004.


What does HAI stand for?

Human Awareness Institute.


Do the Committee members of SPACE have to have done HAI workshops? And what level?

Yes, all of the committee members have done at least HAI Level 2. Some members have done all levels.


How can I get elected to the SPACE committee?

To qualify for nomination you need to have completed at least Level 2 and need to be a paying SPACE Inc. member. Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting.


If I have a concern about SPACE, whom can I contact to help resolve it?

You can contact our nominated contact person on the SPACE committee by using our contact form.



If SPACE is a not for profit association, then why am I being asked to pay for membership? 

In order for SPACE to produce workshops it incurs normal administrative and running costs. These are apart from the costs of running the workshop. Your $55 annual membership assists SPACE to cover these administrative costs.