Database Manager - Job Description | SPACE - Producers of HAI and other Complementary Workshops

Database Manager - Job Description

  • Enter workshop registrations as they come in (check contact details, enter workshop details)
  • Enter updated contact details as people advise us of them
  • Enter contact details of people who attend Free Mini  Workshops
  • Enter SPACE membership details (joining / leaving / payment)
  • Keep a record of who is on the Announcement List
  • On request, run pre-written queries to support the workshop production, e.g. produce a list of potential first-time participants for a specific level
  • Do global e-mailouts to the Non-Grads in the database, possibly in a specific area
  • Produce a spreadsheet of the SPACE members for the Secretary
  • Produce stats of recent events for the SPACE committee (how many people, male / females, grads or not attended a Mini Workshop or PTI, plus conversion rates of Mini Workshops to the next L1) .
  • On the day before a workshop print a number of reports (enrolment address list, name tags for people, backjacks, water bottles and possibly handouts, water bottle list for the wall).
  • After a workshop enter the corrected address details in the database, then produce the final address list that is emailed out to the participants.
  • After a workshop, run database update queries to update the highest level each participant has done, and the date each team member has last served on team.
  • After a workshop, produce a list of all people to be added to the Announcement List, and email to the list administrator.
  • After a workshop, create a Google group for the people who were at that workshop.
  • Administer regional Google groups
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