| SPACE - Producers of HAI and other Complementary Workshops
Database Manager - Job Description
  • Enter workshop registrations as they come in (check contact details, enter workshop details)
  • Enter updated contact details as people advise us of them
  • Enter contact details of people who attend Free Mini  Workshops
  • Enter SPACE membership details (joining / leaving / payment)
  • Keep a record of who is on the Announcement List
  • On request, run pre-written queries to support the workshop production, e.g. produce a list of potential first-time participants for a specific level
  • Do global e-mailouts to the Non-Grads in the database, possibly in a specific area
  • Produce a spreadsheet of the SPACE members for the Secretary
  • Produce stats of recent events for the SPACE committee (how many people, male / females, grads or not attended a Mini Workshop or PTI, plus conversion rates of Mini Workshops to the next L1) .
  • On the day before a workshop print a number of reports (enrolment address list, name tags for people, backjacks, water bottles and possibly handouts, water bottle list for the wall).
  • After a workshop enter the corrected address details in the database, then produce the final address list that is emailed out to the participants.
  • After a workshop, run database update queries to update the highest level each participant has done, and the date each team member has last served on team.
  • After a workshop, produce a list of all people to be added to the Announcement List, and email to the list administrator.
  • After a workshop, create a Google group for the people who were at that workshop.
  • Administer regional Google groups
Marketing Manager - Job Description

The SPACE Marketing Manager Role is to market and promote HAI and other complementary workshops.  

1. Responsibilities

  • Ensure that activities happen as per a schedule.
  • Ensure that activities are performed in a professional manner.
  • Coordinate activities through other people.
  • Review and update the below avenues towards more effective marketing activities.
  • Increase specific cross marketing with other compatible organisations.

2. Current avenues used by SPACE

  • Aus-Announce, Aus-Discuss and Aus-Team email lists.
  • HAI Free Mini Workshops.
  • Other group activities for example Meetup groups.
  • Facebook postings.
  • Sharing through personal networks.
  • Heartspace article in the HAI Newsletter.
  • Monthly calendar of HAI events.
  • Flyers and brochures.
President - Job Description
Public Officer - Job Description

The Public Officer is the official point of contact for an incorporated association and one of the authorised signatories.

The Public Officer is responsible for:

  • Notifying NSW Fair Trading of any change in the association’s official address within 28 days.
  • Collecting all association documents from former committee members and delivering the documents to the new committee member.
  • Returning all association documents to a committee member within 14 days, upon vacating office.
  • Lodging an annual summary of financial affairs, with the prescribed fee, within 1 month of the association's annual general meeting.
  • Acting as the official contact for the association, including taking delivery of documents served on the association and bringing them to the attention of the committee as soon as possible.
  • Custody of any documents as required by the constitution.
Secretary - Job Description

The Seretary is responsible for minute taking of all meetings & SPACE membership.

The Secretary position includes the following:

Attending regular SPACE meetings;

  • Minute taking at SPACE meetings.
  • Draft Minutes to be sent to committee members within 5 days of the meeting.
  • All amendments to be sent to Secretary within 72 hours from receiving the draft minutes.
  • Documenting any amendments made by committee to the minutes.
  • Final report to be sent to all SPACE members within 2 weeks of the meeting (most sent by email & all BLIND cc).
  • Send an email to committee members 5 days before the next meeting asking for Reports, Action Items or Agenda Items.
  • Recording any agenda items raised by committee members & sending out agenda to all committee members 3 days before a meeting. (All agenda items should be sent to secretary before then).


Yearly Annual General Meetings;

  • Prepare AGM agenda.
  • Send an invite to all SPACE members & attach the agenda & proxy vote form.
  • Write the AGM Secretary’s report including current number of SPACE members, number of members last AGM, how many lost & how many gained. Include a list of all SPACE meetings held throughout the year.
  • Get all reports from past committee members & include in draft AGM minutes.
  • Bring copies of past committee member reports & hand out at the AGM to any SPACE member present to read.
  • Take mintues at the AGM.
  • Prepare a nomination form for all positions & print & bring to AGM to record;
    • Nominated person
    • Nominated by
    • 2nd By
  • Send to all SPACE members within 5days.

SPACE membership;

  • Keep a record of all SPACE members
  • Notify members one month prior to when membership renewal is due
  • Update record of membership when a payment is recieved.
  • Send a “Thank You” to member when renewal payment is received & verified by Treasurer.
  • Remove any members not wanting remain a member after membership expires & thank them for their past support.
  • Invite HAI grads to become a SPACE member via email or at re-unions or socials.
Treasurer - Job Description

The Treasurer is the official point of contact for all financial matters and one of the authorised signatories on all financial documents.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the accounts system.
  • Preparing and presenting financial reports for general meetings
  • Preparing and presenting financial annual reports for AGM.
  • Preparing and submitting a Business Activity Statement each quarter to the ATO and makes payment when required.
  • Preparing financial reports for submission to Dept of Fair Trading.
  • Arranging a financial audit as required.
  • Banking money and cheques received.
  • Processing credit card payments received.
  • Transferring money from Paypal account.
  • Maintaining and transferring money between bank accounts as required.
  • Payment of invoices as required by due dates.
  • Payment of fees owing to HAI Global as required.
  • Issuing participant receipts as required.
  • Monitoring financial currency rates and recommending to committee when best opportunity to make international transfers.
  • Preparing workshop budgets and submitting profit/loss statements after each workshop series.
  • Making recommendations to committee on areas relating to financial and process benefits.
  • Issuing workshop refunds and expense reimbursements.
  • Notifying the secretary of SPACE membership payment received.
  • Notifying event Producers of participant/team payment received.
  • Notify Database Manager of any funds being help for a participant for future workshop.
Vice President - Job Description
Web Manager - Job Description

Our website is built with the Content Management System Drupal. Studio Also (owned by John Saward, a HAI Grad from Melbourne) which is specialised in building Drupal Websites has built it for us and is maintaining it.  (John Saward is our web master).


Tasks of the Web Manager:

  • Enter / supervise entry of Events (listed under “Upcoming Events”)
  • Enter / supervise entry of Products for Paypal payments (as listed on the “Payments” page)
  • Enter / supervise entry of Testimonials
  • Strategic planning for the website: recommend to the committee further improvements for the website, and a budget for website maintenance and development, with input from Studio Also about this. You’d pass back to Studio Also the decisions of the committee after you’ve give them your advice.
  • Check invoices from Studio Also and confirm to Treasurer that invoice is accurate and payment can proceed
  • Prepare a report for each committee-meeting about website progress and issues (ask for input from Studio Also for that), as well as some stats for the web site – how many visits, to what pages, top referrers, etc.