Sacred Union of Opposites

10 Oct 2014 17:30
12 Oct 2014 16:30
near Mittagong NSW

Facilitator : Deborah Anapol
Duality, polarity, pairs of opposites is what makes the world go round. When masculine and feminine energies magnetically attract its magical, when they’re at war, we suffer.
The mysterious alchemy of our sexual, life force energies often confuses, overwhelms, or eludes us until we turn our attention to harmonizing the opposites within as well as without.
This weekend is an invitation to dive deeply into surmounting the obstacles to harmony, union, and aliveness on many different levels – mental, emotional, energetic, and physical.
We will use maps and methods drawn from Pelvic Heart Integration including breath, conscious touch, and role play, as well as ancient yogic practices.
Partners and singles are both welcome. The workshop is clothing optional and includes intimate touch but there is no sexual activity as commonly understood.

Full Price (Normal)    $650.00
Early Bird Price (expires 2 weeks prior to the workshop on Fri 26th September)   $595.00

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