Neil Grainger


I participated in my first HAI "Love, Intimacy and Sexuality" workshop in October 2003 at Harbin Hot Springs while on a trip to the USA. There were many incredible feelings that came through me after the workshop that are still with me today.

Where I have received the most benefit is in dropping my defences and opening my heart to love. Learning to love myself and others unconditionally has been my major growth from attending HAI workshops. From this I have found an acceptance for others and from others which continues to have a positive impact on me.

Over the years I have benefited from the many teachings that the workshops bring. Learning to be at choice for what I really want and setting boundaries for myself are just 2 areas that I have brought into all aspects of my life, both private and professional.

One main feeling I had was the need to be involved in the production of HAI workshops in Australia. That opportunity came to me in April 2006 when I joined the Committee of SPACE Inc and have been involved with workshop production ever since while continuing to participate and assist on the workshops.

It is now my honour to be President of SPACE Inc and I welcome you to join us in experiencing ‘Love is a Miracle’ for yourself.

President and Public Officer