Abe Moses


Born and raised in India, I immigrated to Australia when I was 17. I started my career as an agricultural scientist - I was always interested in farming.  I see myself as a “farmer” in different ways now, where my overarching life purpose is “creating environments for people to grow”.  

My first HAI experience was Pathways to Intimacy in Feb 1999, followed by Level 1 in May 1999. In 2004 I pioneered and created the SPACE a not for profit Association to resume the production of HAI workshops in Australia. I was soon joined by Neil Grainger and Irene Jehnich, both making outstanding contributions to make SPACE the association a reality.

I have enjoyed two stints as president of the SPACE committee. As a Mini Workshop presenter, I enthusiastically introduce HAI to numerous people.  As a HAI Team member, I love being of service at HAI’s weekend workshops.

I enjoy a deep, loving and intimate relationship with myself these days…living the HAI principles and keeping the fire and passion for this work burning brightly in my heart.